Teachers who have completed an NWP Invitational Summer Institute are eligible to participate in HWP’s advanced institutes.

The Indianapolis AI is scheduled for June 14-18, 2021, with the method of meeting (in person or virtual) yet to be determined. Erin Lehman and Jaci Keller will serve as co-facilitators again this year.

Whether you enjoyed your Summer Institute but have stepped away, or have been a regular AI attendee, this is the perfect time to feed your Institute roots. Remember that ALL Summer Institute attendees are invited to the Advanced Institute, and there is no cost for the week-long workshop.
Additionally, attendees can earn PGPs or graduate credit for attending. Please contact Steve Fox at sfox@iupui.edu if you are interested in receiving graduate credit hours.
Feel free to e-mail Jaci Keller (jaclyn.keller@ftcsc.org) if you plan to attend.