During the summer of 2021, the Hoosier Writing Project will offer our invitational Summer Institute, an intensive, interactive workshop on the teaching of writing at all levels and in any discipline.  Teachers who have done an NWP Summer Institute say it is the best professional development experience of their careers.  Controlled research studies show that students of NWP teachers out-perform other students in writing.  NWP teachers stay in the teaching profession at a 98% rate.  Books and articles about professional development have shown why and how NWP is the best teacher professional development around, and has been for 30-plus years.

The thirteen-day summer institute will be offered virtually (unless the status of public health changes dramatically before then) from June 7-11, 14-18, and 24-25 (with one follow-up day later in the year).  A typical day will include a mixture of synchronous (probably in the morning, 10 am to noon, but we will decide on exact times together) and asynchronous writing activities, individual writing time, writing response groups, a teaching demonstration, and discussion of theory and practice in the teaching of writing.  Participants will also investigate a teaching-related question.

We are looking for excellent teachers who

  • are active classroom teachers, kindergarten through university (or administrators who work with classroom teachers and care about improving teaching);
  • have potential to influence other teachers;
  • have writing ability and a willingness to work on their writing
  • enjoy learning from fellow teachers.

In other words, we expect graduates of our Summer Institute to become teacher leaders, not only improving learning in their own classrooms, but also helping other teachers do the same.  HWP teachers facilitate professional development in their schools, present at state and national conferences, do classroom research, attend our Advanced Institutes, and reflect continually on their own practice.  They see themselves as writers, an essential attitude for effective teachers of writing.  They can help their district or school with writing across the curriculum, integrating curriculum with state standards, and developing a powerful literacy program that nurtures lifelong readers and writers.

We welcome all teachers, and extend a special invitation to elementary level teachers, content area teachers (we’ve had art, music, social science, science, and math teachers), and ELL teachers.  In other words, this is not just for English teachers.  The Writing Project sees all teachers as teachers of writing.

We never charge teachers for our invitational summer institutes, but teachers who do the institute for graduate credit will have to pay university tuition.  If a teacher is selected for the Institute and does not enroll for credit, we request the district, school, or university to pay $500 to help cover HWP’s expenses for the institute.

Summer fellows can receive up to four hours of English graduate credit if they choose, but if not already in an IUPUI graduate program, they will have to apply for graduate non-degree admission.  Tuition for those credits will be charged at the School of Liberal Arts graduate rate, along with campus fees.  The IUPUI English Department offers a Certificate in Teaching Writing (20 credits) and the Summer Institute can be applied toward that certificate and/or our M.A. program.  This credit can also be used to help meet the criteria for teaching dual credit writing courses.

Those not needing credit can receive professional growth points, if desired.

Fill out this HWP SI 2021 application.

If you have questions, contact Steve Fox (sfox@iupui.edu; 317-278-2054).  Also see the NWP website at http://www.nwp.org/.